How to merge a DEM?

TitleHow to merge a DEM?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsReuter, H. I. Strobl, P., and W. Mehl
Secondary AuthorsHengl, T., I.  S. Evans, J.  P. Wilson, and M. Gould
Conference NameGeomorphometry 2011
Conference LocationRedlands, CA

A DEM is one of the most useful information for spatial modelling and monitoring. Several DEMs have been published in the public domain like SRTM and ASTER GDEM with and without considering the horizontal and vertical misallocation of single input data. Results of that are for example the inherent errors in the ASTER GDEM V1 dataset as well as the known striping in the SRTM dataset. Therefore, this abstract aims to show a method for the horizontal and vertical alignment of different DEM tiles as well as merging to create a seamless DEM.

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