Call for Papers: Marine Geomorphometry (Geosciences)

May 11 2017 14:05
Oct 31 2017 14:05
Special Issue on Marine Geomorphometry

Dear Colleagues,

Geomorphometry, the science of quantitative terrain analysis, originated in terrestrial investigations; however, many of the methods used in these investigations have also proven applicable in marine environments. The rise in the acquisition of high-resolution seabed data using acoustic systems and bathymetric LiDAR has prompted a growing interest in employing geomorphometric techniques to investigate the seafloor.

The aim of this Special Issue of Geosciences is to showcase quantitative geomorphological analysis techniques for geoscientific research and investigation of the seafloor. We invite contributions addressing all aspects of marine geomorphometry, from data collection and processing to the derivation of terrain attributes/features and their use in an applied context. Relevant topics for this Special Issue include, but are not limited to, new methods for terrain characterization and classification, 3D geomorphometric visualizations, the links between seafloor topography and processes occurring in the surrounding marine environment (water column, sub-surface), and issues related to spatial scale and data quality. We welcome applied studies using marine geomorphometry as part of their workflow (e.g., habitat mapping, geomorphology, geohazards modelling, submarine archaeology). Technical review articles, and submissions reviewing the challenges faced by this thriving field of research are also welcomed.

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Dr. Vanessa Lucieer

Dr. Margaret Dolan

Dr. Vincent Lecours

Guest Editors

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