Geomorphometry 2021 - Announcement

Geomorphometry 2021: Conference and Workshops

The Geomorphometry Society and the Organizing Committee are pleased to announce the sixth Geomorphometry Conference to be held in Perugia, Italy, September 13-17 2021. The event is hosted by the Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection of the Italian National Research Council (CNR IRPI) and the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia. Details on past editions of the conference are on the website.

Conference website:

The previous edition of the conference was postponed due the global pandemic. Contributions to the conference were evaluated by the scientific/organizing committee, and authors were notified of acceptance/rejection of their extended abstract; revised abstracts were collected into a volume entitled “Geomorphometry 2020 Conference Proceedings” edited by M. Alvioli, I. Marchesini, L. Melelli & P. Guth and published by CNR Edizioni (Rome, 2020). Individual contributions and the whole volume can be downloaded here.

Authors were invited to extend their contributions to full article length, and submit them for pubblication in a special issue of Transactions in GIS, entitled “Geomorphometry 2020” which wil be published in the third quarter of 2021 (Volume 25); submissions for the 2020 special issue are currently closed.

The 2021 conference will tentatively be a mixed in presence - online event, so that whoever can/want to travel to Perugia is welcome to do so, but people will still be able to participate in the conference remotely. Please refere to the Covid-19 link on the main page for further and updated information about this. For online presenters: we are aware of the different time zones issue; we are working on it.

Submissions to the 2021 event are now close and submitted papers have been peer reviewed; contributions accepted for the 2020 will be retained for the 2021 event. Based on the actual number of new accepted contributions we will consider publishing a new conference proceedings and/or a new journal publication.

Perugia, Italy - Venue of Geomorphometry 2021

Geomorphometry is the science of quantitative land surface analysis. It gathers various mathematical, statistical and image processing techniques that can be used to quantify morphological, hydrological, ecological and other aspects of a land surface. Common synonyms for geomorphometry are geomorphological analysis, terrain morphometry or terrain analysis and land surface analysis.

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