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Caution: some scripts may be old and were based on now-discontinued libraires. Fell free to use them for educational purposes, but be advised that older code might not run on newer systems. Scripts are intended for the free exchange. Please alert the web-administrator if this script is a registered product with commercial value. The author, who claims creation of this work, expressly publishes it to the public domain. This work is free for the taking and cannot be appropriated by a single author even though it may be included in a copyrighted work. It may be freely used and redistributed and is provided “AS-IS” without warranty of any kind. No technical support is provided.

Aeolian dune modelling with LiDAR and SfM-MVS (2020)

TanDEM-X analysis for selected Brazilian sites (2018)

EarthEnv-DEM90 (2016)

Transformation (normalization) tool (2015)

GDEM assessment (2011)

Uncertainty of stream networks derived from elevation data (2009)

Geomorphological mapping (2009)

Boschoord case study (2009)

Geomorphometry terrain toolbox (2009)

Characteristic scale (2009)

Conver to Landserf format (2009)

Flow magnitude and drainage basins (2009)

Landslide probabilities (2009)

Openess (2009)

TOPO parameters (2009)

Digital soil mapping for Baranja Hill (2009)

Generic landforms (2009)

Geostatistical simulations of topography (2009)

Landform classes (2009)

Geomorphometry in R + SAGA + ILWIS + GRASS (2009)