Geomorphometry Coffee Talks

We propose a structured, open discussion platform about topics related to the field of Geomorphometry. These Geomorphometry Coffee Talks (GCTs) will give the opportunity to discuss, exchange, initiate, train, present, outline topics, research agendas, papers, questions in an informal way between our main biannual conferences.

Topics to be covered would come for example from the theoretical side, software applications, DEM creation technologies, and experiments up to practical applications in production environments. The speakers will fill these spaces and we count on the Geomorphometry society to bring up topics.

This platform would be as open as possible to engage with each other and reach out to everyone – not only the research community. Anyone with an interest in Geomorphometry from wherever should be able to attend- there is no subscription policy in place – if you can attend and can make it - you are more than welcome.

Each coffee talk will be featuring an initial 15-20 minute discussion in a Zoom meeting, followed by an open exchange/discussion. The session will conclude at 60 minutes with a short wrap-up of the session by the session moderator. Links to the recorded sessions (if permitted by presenters) will be available at the ISG Website. The ISG Board will draw up a list of topics for a series for a year. Announcements of session topics will be at the website and the social media accounts of the ISG.

Proposals for topics can be sent anytime to the Email to be included in the schedule. The date is the first Wednesday of every second month at 15:00 UTC to allow worldwide participation.



2023-06-07 Dr. Sebastiano Trevisani - Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy
A simplified geostatistical approach for digging into the complexity of surface roughness analysis: need for standardization?
Recording available in our YouTube channel
2023-05-04 Dr. Peter Strobl - European Commission - JRC
DEMIX: Digital Elevation Model Intercomparison eXercise
Recording available in our YouTube channel
2023-02-01 Dr. Tomislav Hengl - OpenGeoHub
Open-Earth-Monitor: Cloud services for global elevation data and seamless geomorphometric analysis
Recording available in our YouTube channel
2022-12-07 Prof. John Lindsay - University of Guelph
WhiteBox for Geomorphometry
Recording available in our YouTube channel
2022-10-05 Dr. Laurence Hawker - University of Bristol
How fab is FABDEM?
Recording available in our YouTube channel