ISG Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As an organization that serves a global community, the International Society for Geomorphometry is committed to supporting the emergence of a diverse, inclusive, and transparent community. We recognize the issues that exist in science and society in general as it pertains to gender parity and identity, geographic representation, and resources availability, among others, and we acknowledge that our organization is not foreign to them. We strongly believe that our activities and community benefit from bringing together a wide range of people, skills, experiences, and ideas/perspectives, and as such strive to build a welcoming community where mentorship, support, tolerance, and mutual respect prevails. We also encourage our members to endorse open science practices and share data, codes, and workflows.

The ISG recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion and will implement actions to promote the emergence of a more diverse community. Members of ISG must commit to (1) establishing and sustaining a zero-tolerance culture towards discrimination, (2) actively seeking representation in the programs and activities associated with ISG, (3) disrupting unspoken rules that promote discrimination and racism, and (4) acknowledging and valuing diverse experiences of our community and the people targeted by our activities.

The ISG Council will constantly review our organization’s practices to ensure that we withhold our commitments, and will identify actions to be taken to maximize diversity in our activities and ensure that the ISG remains inclusive, fair, and supportive.